Friday, September 12, 2008

Family Night/Day Photo Sessions:

$50.00 for a 45 minute photo session in which time I will edit 15 session photos of your choice and provide them along with all the other photos from the session to you on a CD along with a release so that you may go to your local photo printer and have the print sizes and quantity of photos at your convenience. I can also load all images into a Web Album which will help make ordering simple.

How Does It Work:
It's really quite simple actually. All you do is call and set up an appointment which is convenient for your family. Choose the location, whether in your home or on location. I arrive at the date and time specified. I take a few moments to look around for the best lighting, scenery, and backgrounds, and to set up. Once setup or at any time during the session, feel free to order pizza or start heating dinner. We will then begin our 45 minute photo session in which we can have unlimited background, family member, and outfit changes. After the session, I will load all the pictures from the session to my laptop for you to see. I will also allow you to pick out 15 pictures that you would like edited. I will edit those pictures and provide all pictures to you on a CD with a release before leaving. While I'm editing and creating the CD, your family may begin eating. Once I'm done, I will show your family the finished CD, explain how to access the photos, and answer any questions you might have. Afterwards, I will be on my way so that your family may enjoy the rest of the evening/day!

---You get to spend quality time with your family and have your family portraits made at the same time.
---No waiting for an appointment.
---No travel time which saves gas, money, and time!
---You can fix children's clothes and hair at home which provides less times for accidents to occur. If accidents do occur, you have the items your need since you're at home.
---Kids and pets respond better when they are in familiar settings.
---Everyone is typically more relaxed and laid back.
---Clothing changes are easy.
---Favorite toys or other items are just in the next room.
---No waiting periods to see the pictures. No added trips back and forth.
---If a re-shoot is needed of a particular setting, everyone is there and ready.
---You are able to provide and use your own backgrounds (like fireplace or porch) and props which allows your family to have a more creative hands-on experience in the session.

Call today to schedule your family photo session!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Copyright Notice & Disclaimer:

All photographs appearing on this site are the property of Hammond Photography. They are protected by the U.S. and International copyright laws, and are not to be or modified for personal, commercial, or advertising use, nor can they be downloaded, copied, reproduced, or published in any way or form without the written permission of Hammond Photography.

About Our Photography Style:

At Hammond Photography our main goal of any event is to capture the spectacular images that life offers in an effort to provide you enjoyment for years to come. Therefore, every event is treated both honorably and passionately. The pictures that are taken are shot in what I call a naturalistic/photojournalistic style. I use the term "naturalistic" because I tend to prefer nature and scenery instead of mind-numbing studio settings. I also employ the term "photojournalistic" because the pictures taken seem to outline and portray the events of the day in a story-like summation. View my complete profile